World Biofuels Markets organised by Green Power Conferences
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Bringing Together the Best Brains in the Business

Over 240 leading industry speakers will participate in World Biofuels Markets 2012 during three days of keynotes, high level presentations and interactive panel discussions. 

“Biofuels are very complex, we need to get the best brains together and at WBM most of the best brains are here”
Koen Vanhoutte
,CTO, SBAE Industries

Early Confirmed Speakers Include:

Philip New, Chief Executive Officer, BP Biofuels
Farah Karimi, Executive Director, Oxfam Novib
Moderator: BBC Newsnight’s Jeremy Paxman

Aviation Biofuels:
Nancy Young, Vice President, Environmental Affairs, Air Transport Association Steering Committee, CAAFI
Darrin Morgan, Director Environmental Strategy, Boeing
Thomas Roetger, Assistant Director, IATA
Bob Sturtz, Managing Director of Strategic Sourcing, United Airlines
Mark Rumizen, Aviation Fuel Specialist, US Federal Aviation Administration
Senior Representative, Neste Oil
Paul Nash
, Head of Environmental Affairs UK / New Energy, Airbus
John Plaza, CEO & Founder, Imperium Renewables

Advanced Biofuels:
Glenn Johnson, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, Gevo
Troy Campione, Senior Vice President, Joule Unlimited
Magnus Fagerstedt, Director, Marketing, Europe, Neste Oil
Robert Walsh, Chief Commercial Officer, ZeaChem
Markus Rarbach, Head of Biocatalysts, Sud-Chemie
Hamish Curran, Chief Executive Officer, TMO Renewables

Biopower Generation:
Jorrit Hachmer, Head of Biofuels, RWE
Sean Ebnet, Director of New Business, Drax
Neil Bailey, UK Head of Biomass Management, RWE Npower Renewables
Karine Culerier, Senior Market Analyst - Renewables & Electricity, RWE Supply and Trading
Peter Rechberger, General Manager, European Pellet Council
Thomas Pschorn, Director of Applied Technology, Andritz                           
Gavin Maxwell, Chief Executive Officer, Coolfin Partnership                     
Emilio Rietmann, Managing Director, ERB Brasil
Andre Faaij, Associate Professor, Coordinator Research Energy Supply and System Studies, Copernicus Institute - Utrecht University     

Bio-Based Chemicals:
Glenn Johnston, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, Gevo
Kelly Ogilvie, Chief Executive Officer, Blue Marble Biomaterials
David Berry, Partner, Flagship Ventures
Dr. Ulrich Kettling, Head of Molecular Biotechnology, Corporate Research and
Development, Süd-Chemie AG
Bogdan Comitia, Director Marketing & Sales Europe, Pennakem
Dr Warwick Raverty, Chief Scientist, Circa Group
Yvon Durant, Principal, Itaconix  
Anna Holmberg, Arizona Chemical

William Lese, Managing Director, Braemar Energy Ventures

Sustainability, Certification, iLUC:
David Glenister, International Biofuels Sustainability Expert, SGS
Nick Goodall, Chief Executive Officer, BonSucro, The Netherlands 
Bruce Dale, Professor, University of Michigan
Katharina Umpfenbach, Policy Analyst, Federal Environment Ministry                   
Mariangela Rebuá de Andrade Simões, Director, Department of Energy, Ministry of External Relations (Brazil)
Rainer Zah, Head of Group, Life Cycle Assessment & Modelling, EMPA
Dr. Jan M Henke, ISCC

Finance & Investment:
William Lese, Managing Director, Braemar Energy Ventures
Vishal Shah, Managing Director, Deutsche Bank
Jos B. Peeters, Managing Partner, Capricorn Venture Partners
Harry Boyle, Senior Biofuels Analyst, Bloomberg New Energy Finance
Brook Porter, Partner, Kleiner Perkins
Mauricio Neves, Deputy Director, BNDES
Plinio Nastari, President, Datagro

Energy Crops:
Spencer Swayze, Director of Business Development, Ceres
Sriram Srinivasen, General Manager, JOil
Lucy Hopwood, Head of Biomass & Biogas, NNFCC
Gavin Maxwell, Chief Executive Officer, Coolfin Partnership
Ohene Kwadwo Akoto, Director of Operations, Jatropha Africa
Thilo Zelt, Jatropha Alliance
Ruth Digby, Non-food User and Seeds Adviser, NFU

Global Biodiesel Production & Trading:
Khoo Hock Aun, Chief Executive Officer, Cosmo Biofuels Group Asia
Ian Waller, Founder, FiveBarGate UK
Mat Stone, Global Biofuels Editor, Argus Media

Global Bioethanol Production & Trading:
Rob Vierhout, Secretary General, ePURE
Geraldine Kutas, UNICA

Emerging Markets (Formerly Developing Nations):
Anders Tuxen, Senior Manager, Energy Strategist, Novozymes
Hugo Verkuijl, Chief Executive Officer, Mali Biocarburant
Meghan Sapp, Secretary General, PANGEA

Biorefinery Platforms:
Maina Macharia, Industry Manager - Biofuels, Rockwell Automation
Dr. Oliver Lüdtke, COO, VERBIO Vereinigte BioEnergie AG

Joel Butler, Chief Executive Officer, Solix Biofuels
Daniel Trunfio, Chief Executive Officer, Bio Architecture Lab
Ohad Zuckerman, Chief Executive Officer, UniVerve Limited
Will Thurmond, Chief Executive Officer, Emerging Markets Online
John Benemann, Chief Executive Officer, Benemann Consulting

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